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    Winning The Bid Of Guanghui International Watch City, IFE Elevator Helps Qingyuan To Create An Industrial Business Card Again

    In the past 35 years, IFE Elevator projects have blossomed everywhere at home and abroad, and one after another major classic projects have made IFE an important force in promoting the urbanization process. As a globally trusted elevator brand, IFE Elevator is now in its prime of life and is constantly demonstrating the upward power of national elevators at a more forceful pace.

    In the hot summer of 2022, IFE Elevator will win one project after another and start a new journey. Recently, there was another big good news. We won the bid for the Guanghui International Clock City, Baijia Science Park (Zone A). This project is a key project of Qingyuan Municipal Government, with a total investment of 6 billion. It is known as the world's largest clock industry chain base. This is another major project of IFE Elevator in Qingyuan, Guangdong, after Wanyang Maker, Qingyuan European School, Zhongda Fashion City and Qingyuan Tian'an Smart Valley.

    won the bid for the Guanghui International Clock City, Baijia Science Park (Zone A)

    Qingyuan is another city's business card, which is recognized again

    The integration policy of Guangzhou and Qing Dynasty and the construction of Guangzhou Metropolitan Circle undoubtedly bring vitality to the development of Qingyuan. In Qingyuan Qingcheng District, a large global watch industry chain base is rising - Guanghui International Watch Industry City. After completion, local citizens can experience the high-quality services provided by top watch enterprises at home and abroad without leaving the city.

    China's watch industry accounts for up to 80% of the world's total, and more than 90% of its manufacturers are located in the Pearl River Delta region. After the completion of this project, about 600~900 upstream and downstream enterprises will gather, forming a large global clock industry chain production cluster base. This will undoubtedly promote the upgrading of Qingyuan's industrial chain, establish a new industry benchmark in the country and even the world, and become a new name card of Qingyuan.

    china escalators and elevators

    IFE Elevator can become the vertical transportation solution provider of Guanghui International Horology Industrial City. In addition to its adherence to product quality and quality service, it also benefits from its market share in Qingyuan. Wanyang Maker, Qingyuan Europa, Zhongda Fashion City and Qingyuan Tian'an Smart Valley, the four major projects have become the signboards of IFE Elevator in Qingyuan Industrial Park, which has created good brand reputation, products, services Thanks to the project experience and other strengths, IFE won recognition again.

    Boost transformation and add new energy to the industrial park

    Guanghui International Horological Industrial City is the most high-grade Grade A office building complex in Qingyuan at present, which is different from the traditional industrial park with a single industrial structure. This project is a comprehensive economic project of the horological headquarters integrating production, learning and research. The whole horological city adopts double-layer UV resistant glass curtain wall, underground garage, exhibition and sports center and living facilities, which is a model for Qingyuan to build a smart park.

    Under the wave of digital and intelligent times and the national low-carbon policy, the industrial park is facing the transformation to smart, efficient and energy-saving. As a vertical transport solution service expert of the smart industrial park, IFE Elevator embraces the trend of digital and intelligent industry, adheres to the user demand orientation, and continues to output elevator products that are more suitable for the current requirements of green, safe and intelligent parks.

    This time, IFE Elevator customized the vertical transportation plan for Guanghui International Clock Industrial City, providing 66 elevators in total. Provide the park with a new generation of upgraded small machine room passenger elevator METIS-CR1, starting from human science and technology, to help build a safe, comfortable and harmonious space while maximizing low consumption operation; The freight elevator provided by IFE adopts the industry-leading permanent magnet synchronous gearless host, variable frequency speed regulation drive and variable frequency door system, giving full play to the advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, reliability, stability and other elevator operations, and the overall layout is simple, creating a flexible freight channel for the park to ensure that the park has no worries about freight transportation. High quality products, combined with professional and efficient installation and maintenance services, help the industrial park to build an energy-saving, safe, stable, intelligent and convenient vertical transportation network, adding new energy and vitality to the industrial park.

    provide high quality elevators

    Over the past 35 years, IFE Elevator has always adhered to the core value of "craftsmanship pays homage to the original intention", insisted on winning recognition with product quality and service, and witnessed the strength of China's national elevator brand with many projects; IFE Elevator has also been standing at the forefront of the development of the times, leading the industrial development with advanced products and high standard services, and reshaping the high-quality development pattern of the city. In the future, IFE Elevator will join hands with its partners and all IFE people to continue the new glory of the national elevator brand with ingenuity and innovation, and promote the great ship of history to ride the wind and waves with Chinese speed, Chinese technology and Chinese strength.

    Trusted China Elevator Brand

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