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    IFE Elevators In Villa

    Through the flexible design performance and advanced control drive, it conveys a free and powerful way of travel, so that the living space truly carries people's interests and elegant life.

    Optimum Villa Elevator Solutions

    The elevator avoids being limited by the space above and below the building, and a variety of door opening directions can be flexibly selected to enter and exit at will.

    Colorful shaft appearance, suitable for a variety of environmental styles, new charm, elegant, simple, fashion control.

    A variety of car interiors, sensibility and purity, transform here.

    Beauty comes from within, full of art, showing the C-position appearance.

    The rear and lateral weights can be flexibly arranged to accommodate hoistways of different sizes.

    • The top floor height is low, the pit depth is shallow, and the hoistway space utilization rate is high.

    • Suitable for different types of building space layout: 4 types of building structure application scenarios (concrete hoistway, wrap-around staircase, hollow hall and floor opening).

    Features Of IFE Elevators For Villa

    IFE Elevators In Villa
    Space-saving and Flexible Layout
    Space-saving and Flexible Layout

    The hoistway size area is smaller and the arrangement is more flexible.

    Safety, Reliability and Performance
    Safety, Reliability and Performance

    International quality, trusted choice industry, the highest level of safety certification.

    The use of functional safety (SIL3) technology to achieve safety protection, with multiple anti-trapping design, to ensure the safety of the elevator authoritative certification, stable and reliable: C N AS LABORATORY passed I L A C -M R A certification, car frame adopts a frame structure, stable and reliable.

    Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Quiet and Comfortable
    Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Quiet and Comfortable

    Eco-friendly drive system, maintenance-free self-lubricating guide shoes, silent and comfortable.

    Guarantee Escort Intimate Experience
    Guarantee Escort Intimate Experience

    Mains automatic intelligent rescue, automatic rescue when power is cut off, power failure does not trap people, one-key automatic dialing, elevator Internet of things function.

    Leadership Quality
    Leadership Quality

    Leadership quality, comfort and luxury, steel belt innovative technology, silent, long-lasting.

    Equipped With One-touch Call
    Equipped With One-touch Call

    Equipped with one-touch call, you can quickly connect calls and keep your family safe on the elevator at all times.

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