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    Multiple guarantees are implemented to ensure the safety of elevator operation in an all-round way!

    If you take off and land by flight at night, you will have the opportunity to overlook the modern city from the "God's perspective", with bright lights and endless traffic.

    Cars and high-speed trains enable cities to operate smoothly

    Cars and high-speed trains enable cities to operate smoothly and communicate with each other. Inside buildings in cities, there is another means of transportation - elevators - which also operate day and night.

    Automobile and high-speed railway are responsible for outdoor traffic, and elevators are responsible for "indoor traffic". Modern traffic is born for efficiency and safety. It is the indoor and outdoor traffic that gives consideration to both efficiency and safety that makes modern life beautiful.

    However, in recent years, elevator safety accidents are not uncommon in China and abroad. According to statistics, the number of registered motor vehicles in China is about 400 million, and the annual death toll from traffic accidents is more than 60000. Compared with this, the relative number of casualties caused by elevator safety accidents in China is at a low level.

    However, what the elevator industry practitioners pursue is not the relatively low value of accident casualties, but the absolute value of 0!

    Everyone yearns for a comfortable and pleasant travel experience, and safety is the support and base behind this kind of comfort and pleasure! Since its establishment in 1987, IFE Elevator has been striving to provide people with safe, comfortable and intelligent transportation system overall service solutions.

    In order to achieve the highest goal of "absolute value 0", IFE Elevator has made every effort in the whole process from product development and production to delivery and maintenance, and strives to achieve the ultimate quality control!

    Self built CNAS laboratory to strictly control the quality of production and manufacturing

    IFE Elevator started to set up a professional elevator product quality testing laboratory in 2012. In November 2018, IFE Elevator Central Laboratory officially obtained the CNAS qualification certificate issued by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.

    Through strict standardized management and operation, IFE Elevator can more accurately detect and analyze the performance of elevator components, and improve the accuracy, effectiveness and scientificity of detection. In the future, IFE Elevator will continue to increase laboratory investment, laying a solid scientific and technological foundation for the "globally trusted elevator brand".

    IFE Elevator always adheres to the value of "paying homage to the original intention with ingenuity and making good products", and its strong investment in science and technology is an important embodiment of IFE Elevator's implementation of this value with real money and technology investment.

    professional elevator product quality testing laboratory certificationChina National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment

    Based on the construction unit's site, pay close attention to the details of installation and implementation

    A long-term stable elevator must be a comprehensive result of excellent product quality, rigorous installation and commissioning, and scientific maintenance. The installation and commissioning link is usually short of time limit, and easy to be interfered by professional level of personnel, on-site construction environment and other factors: it is especially critical because of its variety.

    Therefore, IFE Elevator pays special attention to the installation link, and provides on-site on-site installation services around the overall project design scheme communicated with customers in the early stage. Technicians went to the site to measure the size in person, actively found problems and timely communicated with them, and quickly provided solutions to achieve seamless connection throughout the project implementation process, orderly promoted efficient construction on site, and won high recognition from the project side with professional attitude and efficient services.

    The 3.2 ton truck freight elevator project of Guangxi Liuzhou Daji Auto Parts Industrial Park, which was successfully signed recently, is the result of IFE Elevator's intimate and personal service to customers and the development of a detailed and thoughtful whole process service system for specific projects.

    Guangxi Liuzhou Daji Auto Parts Industrial Park

    Build a professional maintenance system and pay close attention to the safety of maintenance and overhaul

    One of the important reasons for elevator safety accidents is the aging of elevator components due to their long service life and the untimely maintenance of daily operation losses.

    Based on this, IFE Elevator, which started with elevator maintenance business, attached great importance to the maintenance work, and set up a unique high standard elevator maintenance system in strict accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Safety of Special Equipment, the Technical Code for Safety of Special Equipment (TSG T5002-2017) and other laws and regulations. Up to now, IFE Elevator has built 400 customer service centers and remote monitoring systems, equipped with an after-sales maintenance team of more than 1000 people, including more than 400 people with more than 5 years of overseas installation and maintenance experience, becoming a veritable "maintenance team" in the elevator industry.

    Referring to the current situation that the elevator market in China has a huge number of elevators, more and more elevators with a service life of more than 15 years, and the maintenance service is becoming increasingly inadequate, the practice of Xieyi Elevator to deliberately strengthen the construction of the maintenance team and continuously improve the quality of maintenance service and response speed is a first sight, but also a starting point.

    China Escalators

    In the future elevator market, the stock is more important than the increment, and the service is more important than the technology. The national brand represented by IFE Elevator will provide users and partners with the "indoor transportation" service of extreme safety and comfort through the comprehensive solution of "technology+service"

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