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    How To Enable Large Passenger Flow Scenarios Of Rail Transit?

    Under the epidemic situation, China's urban construction is still in full swing, especially the rail transit construction as the main artery of the city, showing a rapid growth trend.

    Recently, according to the information released by the Ministry of Transport, in July, 277 urban rail transit lines were opened and operated in 51 cities in 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. The passenger volume of urban rail transit reached 1.95 billion person times, an increase of 9.55% month on month. Among them, Guangzhou is making great efforts to build a "city on track": 30 new cities will be added by 2035, 1004 kilometers!

    the passenger volume of urban rail transit highly reached

    The rapid development of rail transit construction has driven the huge demand for heavy section escalator equipment in rail transit, but also put forward higher requirements for the operation efficiency and safety of escalators.

    With 35 years of pleasure in the elevator field, and with solid technical strength and efficient service experience, he has played an important role in major rail transit projects at home and abroad, and has already achieved fruitful results. Hand in hand with the Karratha Airport project in Australia; The first major project in the United States, the Los Angeles heavy lift escalator project in the United States, has a safety factor twice higher than the American ASME standard.

    outdoor escalator

    escalator lift

    Relying on many classic large projects at home and abroad, IFE Elevator has established a good reputation in the world, achieved a globally trusted elevator brand, become a central vertical force in the rise of China's national industrial enterprises, and laid a solid foundation for continuing to develop domestic rail transit projects.

    1. Smart operation with technology enabled track

    Over the past 35 years, IFE Elevator has won the favor of many major projects at home and abroad from China to the world. It has always adhered to the value of "paying homage to the original intention with ingenuity", insisted on improving product quality, and enabled rail transit to operate intelligently with high-performance, high safety, and high-quality heavy-duty escalators. It is highly recognized by virtue of solid technology and strength.

    At present, major cities in China are making great efforts to develop rail transit systems, but the traffic characteristics of places with high density and large passenger flow clearly put forward higher requirements for rail transit type heavy-duty escalators, which is also a major challenge to the elevator brand, that is, not only to transport huge passenger flow in a short time, but also to maintain the safe operation of escalator equipment under the condition of high intensity and high load.

    Based on the new trend of the development of rail transit in China, IFE Express Belt adjusted its product strategy and launched a new GRACES-700 heavy-duty escalator as early as 2021. This escalator was developed in strict accordance with the standards of Guangzhou Metro. Compared with the previous escalator products, it is more intelligent, safer, and has better performance, and can be widely used in subway, rail transit and other fields.

    1. High performance core components to meet the needs of high-intensity operation

    To achieve large passenger flow transportation, first of all, the quality of the core components of the heavy-duty escalator should be excellent. The deflection of the truss of the IFE GRACES-700 heavy-duty escalator should not be greater than 1/1500 of the support distance, and the thickness of the hot-dip zinc layer should not be less than 100 μ m. High quality truss welding brings safer transportation experience for high-density passenger flow.

    The escalator driving host adopts the reducer imported from Germany, which not only meets the needs of high-intensity use, but also saves energy and environmental protection. Cast steel chain wheel is used between the ladder truss and the building, which is wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and has a longer service life.

    2. Multilayer protection measures to fully ensure safe operation

    In terms of safety protection, Xieyi is ingenious. The safety factor of the ladder chain of the heavy-duty escalator is more than 8 times, and multi-layer protective measures are set, such as rust prevention measures for mechanical structures, shell protection for electrical components, waterproof or sealing measures for important parts, etc. There are more than 30 safety protection devices for the whole elevator, which can comprehensively guarantee the daily high load safe operation of public transport elevators.

    Moreover, IFE has also designed a ladder anti lifting device, which will automatically trigger the safety device and stop the ladder immediately when foreign matters such as rollers, strollers, etc. are stuck on the adjacent steps, so as to minimize the risk of clamping people and reduce accidents.

    3. Large capacity transportation, greatly improving traffic efficiency

    Based on the characteristics of large passenger flow in the current domestic rail transit scene, the GRACES-700 heavy-duty escalator, which was specifically developed by IFE Elevator, can be lifted up to a maximum height of 25.2m. The design of large lifting height meets the standards of China's first tier cities, maximizes the carrying capacity of people with large capacity, greatly improves people's traffic efficiency, and greatly alleviates congestion.

    2. With the development of the times, build a new chapter together

    From 1987 to 2022, from an unknown small enterprise to a globally trusted elevator brand, IFE Elevator has grown and expanded from its shell. In just a few decades, it has been able to acquire rail transit projects and commercial residential projects at home and abroad. In addition to adhering to the pragmatic attitude of self innovation, high-quality product strength and efficient and excellent services, it can not do without a forward-looking market strategy that closely follows the development of the times.

    In the face of the ever-changing elevator market environment, we will quickly respond to the market changes in the new era of elevators again and again. While constantly consolidating our technical strength, we will constantly adjust the market strategy and strive to expand the broader market. In view of the new changes in the domestic rail transit market, GRACES-700 heavy duty escalator for public transport launched by the company has become a key product for enterprises to enter the domestic rail transit field and build a new chapter with their partners!

    custom elevators

    To build a strong country through science and technology and build a dream future, for enterprises, there is no shortcut to scientific and technological innovation, but to be vigorous and catch up. Over the past 35 years, as a national elevator brand, IFE Elevator has never stopped its research and development. It has kept pace with the times, guided by market demand, adhered to the drive of technological innovation, and paid homage to its original intention with ingenuity. It is committed to promoting the intelligent and digital development of rail transit with higher performance, higher operating efficiency, safer products and more efficient services, and injecting new momentum into the construction of smart cities.

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